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    10 Valuable Lessons Learned from Living Abroad

    10 valuable lessons learned from living abroad

    Have you ever thought about moving abroad? It’s an exciting prospect in theory, but not a decision that most people would take lightly. In fact the idea of actually doing it can be quite daunting, if not terrifying!

    I was born and raised in England (suburbs of south London) but have been living in the US for the past decade. The experience of moving to another country is one like no other – it’s full of highs and lows. For me, the adjustment phase has been an ongoing process, and while I’m very much settled here in America, there are still moments that take me by surprise. There are also certainly times when I feel a little homesick and miss England.

    What I can say without doubt though is that the decision to live abroad is not one I regret in the slightest. And that’s not only because it’s what led me to meet my husband and have two beautiful children!

    I’m immensely grateful for the life lessons I’ve learned during this experience.  The journey’s been an enlightening one, and being an expat is now part of my identity.

    If you’ve ever lived away from home, perhaps you’ve felt some of these things too. Continue reading

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