Mom Jeans and Graphic Tee

Mom Jeans and Graphic Tee

Of the many brilliant things to come out of the 90s (can we take a moment to appreciate all those one hit wonders and iconic sitcoms??!) I have to say that the fashion isn’t one that immediately springs to mind. And even though trends often have a habit of coming back around, I was still a little surprised by the recent resurgence of 90s fashion, mom jeans and all.

I’d consider the 90s to be the decade of my formative years. I was a teen and experienced all of the usual ups and downs that go with the territory (school, boys etc.). But I mostly have happy memories of that era. I had a solid group of friends, many of whom I’m still close to now (despite the fact that they’re all in England!).

I will say however that my fashion sense left a LOT to be desired. There were many many cringe-worthy outfits and I’m just thankful that phone cameras weren’t around back them to record them all! So in one sense, I’m glad to have a chance to revisit some of the styles from back in the day. Now that I’m a little more style savvy perhaps I’ll do them justice.

Mom Jeans and Graphic Tee
Mom Jeans and Graphic Tee
Mom Jeans and Graphic Tee

Mom Jeans and Graphic Tee

I took a chance on these mom jeans and was pleasantly surprised. The high waist sucks you in and gives a little definition. The slightly tapered leg is very flattering. And I love the cropped style (which seems to be a more modern take on mom jeans) for showing off a great pair of shoes!

The mom jeans and graphic tee are a perfect pairing in my view. Yep, I may be a mom. I may spend more time at toddler parties than my own. I may get overly excited about trips to Target… but I haven’t totally lost my edge. Have I?!?

My only rule when it comes to graphic tees is that it has to be something that’s relevant to me. Either a band I love, a saying that resonates or a cause close to my heart.

I’ve been a fan of The Rolling Stones for a long long time. As an aside, I remember being seated at a table next to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in a London restaurant once and feeling quite starstruck! In any case, I love this tee – not only for the legendary logo, but also because their music is awesome.

In case you’re wondering, my favorite songs are Sympathy for the Devil and You Can’t Always Get What You Want (couldn’t choose between them!). My daughters love to sing along to She’s A Rainbow!

And finally, let’s just quickly talk about my accessories. To say that I’m obsessed with these animal print espadrille sandals is an understatement! Comfy, cute and a definite outfit maker – what more can you ask for in a shoe??

In my recent spring accessories round-up I talked about my love of straw bags, and we may as well add crochet bags to the list now. This one is so cute and seasonally appropriate… and a bargain!

Mom Jeans and Graphic Tee
Mom Jeans and Graphic Tee

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What’s your take on mom jeans? Love them or loathe them?! Are there any other 90s trends that you’ve tried or want to? Let me know!

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