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DIY Christmas Centerpiece with Rustic Charm

How to make a DIY Christmas centerpiece with rustic charm

I can’t believe that it’s just over a week to go until Christmas! My plan for this year was to get all of my holiday prep finished at the beginning of the month, since our new baby is due to arrive any day now (eek!).

Let’s just say that my good intentions didn’t quite work out and here I am, running (or should I say waddling!) around, still trying to decorate, shop, wrap gifts, send cards etc. Oh, and come up with some new posts for this blog! Ah well, c’est la vie.

Anyhow… while I’m in the midst of all this, I thought why not share this idea for a pretty Christmas centerpiece. It’s super easy to assemble everything you need. We always seem to have a surplus of mason jars around the home as my husband uses them for pickling (see his awesome dill pickle recipe here) and they make a great, inexpensive decorating prop.

DIY Christmas centerpiece with rustic charm

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wooden tray or crate
  • Mason jars
  • Ribbon
  • Gift wrap
  • Pillar candles or tea lights
  • Pine cones
  • Christmas tree cuttings

How to make a DIY Christmas centerpiece with rustic charm

Step 1: decorate the mason jars with ribbon and gift wrap

I started by tying some nice ribbon around the top of the jars. I think that they’d actually look really nice wrapped in twine too, but already had the ribbon so went with that.

Next, I measured and cut the gift wrap used to go inside the jars. To create the heart cut-outs, I gently folded the paper in half and cut out my pattern.

Then all you need to do is line the jars with your gift wrap. A little bit of clear, matte tape can be used to hold everything in place.

Step 2: assemble your centerpiece

Once the mason jars are decorated, position them on your tray and add the candles. Since there is paper inside the glass jars, flameless candles are probably a sensible option (safety first!).

Finally, I filled in the spaces with pine cones and cuttings from our Christmas tree.

Did you know that you can preserve pine cones? The ones I used here are from a couple of years ago (just collected from our yard!) and I love to have them on hand for decorating projects. Here’s a simple tutorial which explains how to do it.

And that’s all there is to it! I think that these jars look great as a part of the centerpiece, but they could also be used to decorate other spots around the house, like bookshelves or windowsills.

How to make a DIY Christmas centerpiece with rustic charm

How to make a DIY Christmas centerpiece with rustic charm

Happy holidays!

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