35 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

Hello Summer! It’s been a hectic past few weeks here what with vacation planning, dance recitals and end of school activities on top of all the usual stuff. It’s also been emotional. Our oldest graduated Pre-K and while she’s certainly ready to start elementary school, I’m not sure that I’m feeling ready!

To be honest with you, I have some mixed feelings about the summer hols. On the one hand, I’m looking forward to a slower pace – lazy mornings without the usual hustle to get to school on time. And a break from extra-curricular activities. But I’m also concerned about how we’re going to keep everyone occupied for the next 12 weeks and avoid us all losing our sanity!

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of the summers I had growing up in England. Thinking about those long summer days – the holidays, visits to the park, trips to the seaside, getting to stay up late, and of course all the extra time spent with family and friends – still makes me nostalgic.

For that reason I really want to us to make the the most of these precious summer months. I want my girls to make memories that they can treasure when they’re older too.

Unlike almost every other parent I’ve spoken with, we’re not doing any camps (are we just crazy?!). We do have a vacation lined up, but that still leaves approximately 11 weeks to fill! All of this prompted the idea to create a summer bucket list this year.

My plan is to balance plenty of time for relaxation and unstructured play with some fun activities so that they don’t get bored.

Finding activities that are appropriate for the little ones (my girls are 2 and 5) can sometimes be a challenge. There are a few more options now that we’re out of the baby years, but we still have to consider factors such as mood (!), attention span, nap time, availability of snacks etc.

So a few ideas I decided to park until they’re a little older. But we still have plenty to do. I’ve also tried to include a mixture in terms of the cost involved. We’ll have to pay for some of the activities, but many are free or don’t cost much at all.

This list actually turned out a lot longer than I planned! I certainly don’t expect us to manage them all, but I know I’ll be glad for the inspiration when we’re stuck for things to do. I hope that it gives you some ideas too!

Without further ado and in no particular order…

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

  1. Go to the pool – a lot!!!
  2. Create some sidewalk chalk art
  3. Go blueberry picking
  4. Spend an evening toasting marshmallows and watching fireflies (can you believe that I’ve never made s’mores?!)
  5. Picnic at the lake
  6. Take a trip to the aquarium
  7. Do some science experiments
  8. Visit a goldmine or go gem mining
  9. Tie dye t-shirts
  10. Story time at the library
  11. Visit the local nature center
  12. Make homemade ice lollies (popsicles!)
  13. Try geocaching
  14. Take in a movie matinee (there’s a high probability that my two year old won’t make it through an entire film, but we’ll give it our best shot!)
  15. Send some postcards
  16. Visit the local splash pads
  17. Camp inside
  18. Search the city for tiny doors
  19. Paint rocks
  20. Go to the water park
  21. Make a nature collage
  22. Go bowling
  23. Visit a historic site (we’re lucky that Atlanta is full of them!)
  24. Slip n slide
  25. Fly a kite
  26. Have a water balloon fight
  27. Take a tram ride around the city
  28. Visit a farmers market
  29. Wash the cars (as long as it’s an activity that involves water, my kids will be happy!)
  30. Explore a new state park
  31. Do some stargazing
  32. Make pillow/blanket forts (this is already an almost daily occurrence in our house, so I expect it to continue!)
  33. Make a fairy garden
  34. Visit some must-see murals and street art in the city
  35. Go to a play or musical

I hope that you all have a wonderful summer! What do you have planned?

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