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20 Fabulous Gift Ideas for the Cook or Foodie in your Life

20 fabulous gift ideas for the cook or foodie in your life

20 fabulous gift ideas for the cook or foodie in your life

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So now that we’re into November, is it too soon to be thinking about holiday shopping?! Well, if the world of retail is anything to go by, apparently not… and actually there are some advantages to making an early start on your shopping.

Not only can you find some great deals at this time of year, but you can also save a ton on shipping by getting ahead of the game. I used to leave everything until the last minute and have definitely felt the pain of overnight shipping fees.

Since becoming a mum I feel like I’ve been forced to get my act together a bit and am *somewhat* more organized (ahem). In any case, I do most of my shopping early and online these days, and it does save a lot of hassle.

Gourmets and food lovers are so much fun to buy for. There seems to be an endless supply of cool kitchen gadgets out there and so many items to beautify your kitchen 🙂

Here are my top picks, with plenty of ideas to suit any budget!

Below $25

1. Ceramic Paring Knife

Seriously, this little knife is amazing. Super sharp and lightweight… just perfect for cutting up fruit and veggies. We use ours ALL the time.

2. Copper-Plated Measuring Cups

Copper is all the rage right now and who says practical can’t also be beautiful?!

Copper-Plated Measuring Cups
3. Salt and Pepper Shaker set

How cute are these pineapple salt and pepper shakers?! I think that they’d make an adorable little hostess or housewarming gift.

Gold Pineapple Salt and Pepper Shaker Set by World Market

4. “Ninjabread Men” Cookie Cutters

Am I the only one that secretly wants to be a ninja??? These cookie cutters come in a set with three different poses and are just too cute to resist.

5. A New Turn In The South Cookbook

You really can’t go wrong with a good cookbook. This one by Hugh Acheson, a chef and restaurant-owner (who like me, has adopted Georgia as his home state!) is one of our favorites… Southern cooking at it’s finest 🙂

6. Egg Slicer

This is a cool little gizmo and a great time-saver… any salad nicoise looks infinitely better with perfectly sliced eggs don’t you think?! Added bonus – you can use it to quickly slice up many kinds of fruits and vegetables too.

7. Butter Dish

We seem to get through an awful lot of butter in our house, and always have some out and ready to use on the kitchen counter. I think that this whale butter dish is probably the most adorable I’ve seen so far!

Whales in Comparison Butter Dish

8. Strawberry Huller

Great for removing the stems from strawberries, but in my opinion even better for coring tomatoes. Either way, this nifty tool makes quick work of the job.

9. Vintage-Inspired Kitchen Apron

Why not bring a little glamour to the kitchen? This sweet apron is definitely reminiscent of Betty Draper from Mad Men!

Floral Striped Vintage-Inspired Kitchen Apron

10. Drumstick Wooden Spoons

A fun stocking stuffer… drum along to your favorite tune while waiting for the pot to boil!



11. Bamboo Cutting Board

Whether it’s for food prep or simply for serving, there are an abundance of great options out there. How about this one, for the science nerd…

12. Marble Mortar & Pestle

This would look gorgeous on any counter-top, not to mention serving a useful purpose 😉

Sur La Table White Marble Mortars & Pestle

13. Pasta Pot

What a cool idea… No need to wash two dishes when you can just use this pot and strainer in one instead! Perfect for the pasta lover.

14. “World Tastes” Gift Box

Being an ex-pat and often craving the familiar foods of my homeland, I couldn’t resist adding this to the list. These boxes are packed full of fun and unique foods to try from a variety of different countries, and would make a great treat for the more adventurous foodie.

World Tastes United Kingdom Gift Box by World Market
15. Peugeot Pepper Mill

We use this one at home and absolutely love it. Classic, elegant design and works like a dream.

Peugeot Chocolate-Lacquer Paris U�Select Pepper Mill



16. Hatchery Tasting Box Subscription

Such a cool idea… the subscription gets you a monthly delivery of unique ingredients and condiments sourced from independent makers across the country. I bought one for my husband and it was so much fun to receive a new box of goodies every month. It also includes recipe suggestions and definitely inspired us to try some new flavors in our cooking.

Hatchery tasting box subscription

17. Cooking Classes

I think that cooking classes make great gifts. Not only can you master some new skills, but they also provide the perfect opportunity for a fun girls night out or date with your other half.

cooking classes

18. Le Creuset Cast-Iron French Oven

An investment piece for sure, but extremely versatile… perfect for soups, stews, roasting meats and much more. We use ours so much that it doesn’t even go into the cabinet, but is permanently sitting pretty in our kitchen!

Le Creuset® Signature Indigo Oval French Oven

19. Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

No need to worry about back pain or achy feet with one of these comfy, cushioned mats. Perfect for anyone that spends a long time standing in the kitchen, and comes in a beautiful trellis pattern too.

20. KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I’m not going to lie… this is totally on my own wishlist (one day I will fulfill my ambition of becoming an master baker!). These mixers are known for their quality and durability, so this one should last for many years. And let’s not forget that they come in any color your heart could desire!


So what’s on your kitchen wishlist this year?

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